The Rule of Law

Amidst all the angst over Trump’s election, please let me give some enlightenment:


We have three generations of people who have become accustomed to doing whatever they wish, in any number of different venues, without consequences.

The majority of Americans understand that THAT kind of behavior is contrary to the interests of all and have called for it to cease.

Trump has heard that call and is proceeding to do precisely what he said he was going to do, which is to restore Due Process, the Rule of Law, and Constitutionality as the central modes of behavior in ALL areas.

One place to start is with a major source of the delusional argument that people can do whatever they wish as long as they are “nice” about it:

The politically correct left wing news and entertainment media.


These people are out to eat your lunch. If someone is out to eat your lunch you don’t need to be nice: BEHAVE YOURSELF!

And do it quickly:

Gradualism only delays the inevitable.

Trump is bringing on the inevitable:

bringing the pustule of psychotic behavior to a head so that it can be cleansed and the patient—the Nation—restored to health.

Members of the teleological misfit minority are having spasms of cognitive dissonance over finding that their Alinsky tactics no longer work.

They are flailing about trying to find some dark secret that explains the dissonance.

There isn’t one.

The dissonance is not in Trump. The dissonance is in themselves.

Their hysterical, irrational, and, frankly, psychotic (nevermind illegal) behavior is the reality that they themselves must come to see.

To prove my point:

Reality is in the perception of the viewer. We must all be aware of this fact and take strides to ensure that we do not fall in to the trap of self-deception.

But how to gauge true reality from self deception? Easily: you only acknowledge tangible reality: objects and events that you can tangibly sense: rocks, gravity, bullets, and behavior.

I don’t care what you feel, I don’t care what you think. I only care about what you do.

There are some immutable facts, one of which is your behavior, another of which is the written word, and by extension, the LAW.

When your behavior is at variance with the law then we all suffer.

The law has been very carefully constructed over millennia to convey the best possible state of human existence for all concerned. So, just follow the law.

If you don’t like the law, change the law. But it will take you at least the same amount of time and effort to change the law as it took us to put it in place in the first place.

So change it if you can, but in the meantime just follow the law.

Then and only then can we have a civil discussion to resolve the differences in our opinions.

The fundamental Fairness Principle: We all win or we all lose.

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